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Fluid Chiropractic is excited to announce our online E-Store!  Save 20% OFF your first order with FLUID20.  

All products ordered through FLUID CHIROPRACTIC'S E-STORE will receive FREE Shipping every order, whether it's one product or more!  Enjoy direct shipping from Designs for Health, with product reliability - refrigerated items will be shipped in ice packs, products won't sit in hot warehouses and you're guaranteed professional quality!


For those of you that want to order on Amazon, use code DFH18523 for 15% OFF your first order of DFH Select products!  

Designs for Health has stopped selling to 3rd parties.  Therefore, anything sold as DFH online that is not DFH Select is an older product. 

We highly recommend you only purchase DFH Select as that is direct from Designs for Health!  

To order professional grade quality we're giving you 15% OFF if you use DFH18523 on Amazon.  You will receive FREE shipping if you're an Amazon Prime Member. If you're not - just go to Fluid Chiro's e-store and receive free shipping every time!

If you are used to ordering from Designs for Health Webstore, use code DFHSELECT for FREE Shipping! The best deal is at our e-store!