Blood Analysis Denver Promotes Health

When it comes to nutrition, it can be difficult knowing what the right thing to do might be. There is a vast amount of theories and ideas about what exactly is the correct nutritional plan for optimal health. For most, the plan is to eat what is considered to be healthy, exercise, and hope for the best, although this doesn’t always work for everyone. The reason for this is that as people, we each have our own specific blood type with our own specific sensitivities and nutritional needs. What may be a perfect diet for one may be a complete disaster for another. In Denver, there is a solution to this problem. Blood Analysis takes all of the guess work out of nutritional health by analyzing the exact needs and sensitivities of each individual, providing a roadmap to wonderful and long lasting health that will work because it is designed specifically for that person.

Blood Analysis consists of a few options for testing to provide a full comprehensive report of nutritional health. Cellular response testing observes live blood to find reactions to foods, molds, and chemicals. Many inflammations from these reactions have been linked to health disorders such as Diabetes and Obesity. Blood Analysis tests allow the exact problem to be pinpointed and corrected based on scientific proof, and not assumptions. These diagnostic tests determine whether certain foods, animals, or molds are causing any health issues based on the reactions shown during the testing. Another diagnostic test that may be conducted along with the Cellular response testing is Mineral tissue analysis, or hair testing. The data collected from the hair test shows the complete body’s chemistry and is an important asset to use along with the blood testing data. This allows for a more complete picture of the body’s health overall, which in turn allows for a more specific plan of action for longer lasting health benefits and quality of life. Using these tests for a complete blood analysis report ensures a high level of accuracy based on evidence.

When scheduling a blood analysis treatment, there are a few things to keep in mind. For best results, being properly hydrated is a must. The testing requires a sample of a few vials of blood to be taken, and dehydration may cause some difficulty in providing the sample. This does not happen often, but in cases where the entire sample cannot be given, another appointment will be made at a later date to complete the remaining tests. Blood thinners should not be taken prior to supplying the sample, as this may cause complications and make it difficult to get an accurate analysis from the sample. Any regular prescribed medications or regular nutritional supplements should be taken, as usual. The key is to get data from the normal levels of chemicals and nutrients that are usually in the blood. The sample is taken with a twelve hour fast to ensure the best results. After the testing is completed and the analysis is organized into a report, an appointment is made to come in and discuss the results in person to provide a comfortable setting to answer any questions about nutritional plans moving forward or anything other questions that may arise. A full 16 to 18 page report is also provided containing the full comprehensive test results.

Blood Analysis provides something vital to health by identifying health and nutritional needs through scientific testing. Each person has an individual body chemistry which demands certain foods or nutrients while rejecting others. The process of blood analysis takes the guess-work out of health and nutrition by detailing exactly what is needed and what should be avoided in the future. Denver area residents are already taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity to fully understand a comprehensive explanation of the whole body’s chemistry and what each individual specifically needs. Blood analysis can lead to a much higher quality of life through optimal health achievement, and is a wonderful step in the right direction for holistic health care in general.

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