Denver Nutritional Testing

As we all know, Denver is the highest elevated city in the country. The “Mile High City” has much to offer, along with beautiful surrounding areas and amazing views. However, does the elevation that makes Denver so beautiful and unique effect overall health of those who live there? Some studies point towards “Yes”. Traveling or living in higher elevations means being in an environment with lower oxygen levels, and in turn, effects health. This is precisely why it is of the utmost importance to be consciously aware of our health and nutrition in order to live life to the fullest. With state of the art nutritional testing, it is possible to pinpoint exactly what is needed to be as healthy as we can be.

With so many constantly changing nutrition and health fads coming and going, it is challenging to know what is healthy or unhealthy these days. Even more, which fads or diets work well for which individuals? We all have our own specific and particular nutritional systems inside our bodies which demand specific and particular nutrition mixed with exercise. Many factors effect exactly what dietary needs and physical activities must be paired for optimal health. These include heredity along with blood type, and environmental factors as well. Nutritional testing is a wonderful way to know exactly what is needed for a dietary plan. There is no more guess work or trying to find the latest diet craze to fulfill our health needs and wants. Finally, we are able to know what will work for us as individuals, without having to guess or simply hope that we are following the correct plan. Nutritional testing offers a chance for science and facts to guide us to a healthier lifestyle.

As the evaluation progress begins, the state of the art testing and analytic procedures show exactly what nutrients are at healthy levels, and which are lower- or need to be increased, by using a small blood sample. This sample is tested and analyzed by a quality laboratory that keeps pace with the rapid advances in health care and laboratory medicine, which helps ensure that health care dollars are spent on the most appropriate treatments and therapies that benefit patients. The resulting information, paired with a complete physical and medical history knowledge, is used to understand and plan out a dietary schedule that works specifically on the individual level. This provides a method of understanding nutritional values and health based on factual evidence, and not assumptions based on symptoms. Each two weeks, a small sample will be taken to witness and chart the changes as they occur, and optimize the dietary and nutritional schedule accordingly. This allows the patient and doctor to actively be involved with insuring the best possible plan is effective at all times. It is very important to stay aware of health, especially in higher elevations.

Another aspect of daily life that is affected by higher elevations is athletic performance. This is also addressed with nutritional testing in Denver. After the lab work is finished and analyzed, a full 16 to18 page report is prepared and explained, along with physical activities and even recipes to help with the new nutritional plan, so the patient may have many new ideas on physical and athletic practices to help achieve the optimal health and lifestyle available. The patient not only knows what works, but why it works based on his/her individual nutrition and body type or history. This allows a new, healthier lifestyle to continue for years to come while staying athletic and physically active, no matter what age.

Once the goal of maintaining steadily healthy reports from blood nutrition samples is achieved, the patient already knows how to keep his/her health at this same level. Due to the hands-on, actively optimizing approach of multiple samples and varying exercise routines with a healthy nutrition plan he/she has been working with, the healthiest available lifestyle is now a reality. Nutritional testing of this manner completely takes the guess work out of nutrition, allowing the exact needs of the individual to be known. Using this information along with Medical history and a full physical, a specific nutrition plan and exercise plan may be written and utilized to get the best results and lifestyle for all ages. There is no more need of following trends or fads when it comes to healthy living. Scientific, evidence based nutrition and exercise plans are a simple, effective way to keep in charge of our health. Living in higher elevations may affect many aspects of our health and nutrition, but nutritional testing is a wonderful and proven way to insure the healthiest lifestyle possible for a long and happy life.

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