The Nutrition Program Process:



If you just want to run the labs and receive your report, but do not wish to discuss anything or you just want to save money, you may do this! We are her to support you however we can.

  1. Go to our online link, pay for the comprehensive blood work and urine analysis lab test fees.
  2. You will receive a pre-paid EREQ form emailed to you. You will take this pre-paid form to LabCorp where they will draw your blood and take your urine sample.
  3. You will fill out the patient symptom survey online which we will email to you.
  4. You will provide us with your vitals (height, weight, blood pressure, oxygen, pulse rate) and we will organize everything for you virtually. We recommend walmart, walgreens, king soopers where they can take your vitals if you don’t know them. Alternatively, come to our office so we can do this for you.
  5. We email your report, lifestyle advice and supplement recommendations as soon as it is ready.
  6. The fees you pay are the lab fees and emailed report fee (see all fees when you click the book now button below). No consult fees are charged unless you request a consult.
  7. Easy!


Nutrition Initial Consultation:

This 30 minute appointment consists of:

  • Focused Medical History
  • Body Measurements
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Determine Appropriate Diagnostic Tests
  • Performing Tests / Handing out Forms or Kits to have tests performed.
  • Once we have received and analyzed all your test results, we will contact you to book your Report of Findings (2nd visit).
  • The consult fee is for a 30-minute initial consult with Dr. Jennifer and is $149. It does not include the lab testing fees (cost is dependent on labs being run), body composition analysis fee ($45 for CHUSA medical discount plan members otherwise $65) or second visit fees (depends on few factors – ask us).

Nutrition 2nd Visit:

This can be done by emailing your report only, or you may schedule an appointment to go over your results virtually or in person. If you choose the report alone, there is a $75 fee.  If you choose a 30 minute consult it is a $149 fee.

  • Receive a comprehensive 18 page report.
  • Receive a Body Composition Analysis Report.
  • Receive starter healthy eating meal plans, recipes, exercise and supplement suggestions.
  • Place order for nutritional supplements.
  • Begin your 2 month nutrition program!
  • We will contact you to book this appointment once all lab tests are received and your report is ready.

Re-Testing Appointment:

Virtual, In person or report emailed only are available

  1. Book this when you are done with the two month program and ready to re-test.
  2. Go online to book and prepay for the comprehensive blood test and urine analysis.
  3. Once it is paid we will email you the EREQ LabCorp pre-paid forms to take to any LabCorp location.
  4. Go online to book and prepay for the Body Composition Analysis IF you are local and able to come into the office.   Body Composition Analysis Testing Instructions HERE.
  5. Remember to fill out a new Patient Symptom Survey. This will be emailed to you. 
  6. All lab and consult fees are the same as the initial fees. You may choose to have us email the report to you or you may book a consult with Dr. Jennifer to go over your results and report.  If you are booking a consult, please pay for the consult and we will call you when your report is ready to review.



This program is tailored to your exact body chemistry using evidence-based science for Optimum Health!

We know you’ll love our science-based program!


Supplements and Vitamins:

All Supplement recommendations are made based on your lab results, vitals and patient symptom survey. It is tailored to you! We then take your report and send you recommendations via WholeScripts MedPax. We recommend WholeScripts which puts all your supplements into sachets (called MedPax) based on time of day and dose. You simply rip off one sachet and take it as prescribed. This is fantastic to avoid bottles, left overs and very easy to organize and travel with for busy lives on the go!   Your MedPax are labeled with your name and date of testing. WholeScripts will deliver our recommendations to you via text/email, you simply put them in your cart, purchase and they will drop ship it to your door. It couldn’t be easier!

We use the top of the line professional grade supplements back by research and quality ingredients. See Xymogen professional formulas for more information.

Scan or click picture above to go to our e-store and ship professional grade formulas direct to your door!